Play Pocket God Online

play Pocket God onlinePocket God was first released in the iOS market by its developer, Bolt Creative, back in 2009. It quickly climbed the number one spot on the most downloaded apps and enjoyed its lead for several weeks. The game can also be played online through Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook account yet, go to the site and sign up for a free account to play Pocket God online.

How to Play the Game

Pocket God on Facebook has some different features from the app version. This includes special challenges to play with friends, using your Facebook friends as pygmies and availability of female pygmies. However, both versions have similar game play. You will still play the role of a god, using your power to control the tribe members or the pygmies. Kill them in different ways and earn sacrifice coins, which is the main currency of the game. Use this to purchase new items, as well as customize your pygmies. Bones are another currency in the game. There are items that can only be purchased with bones. You can collect bones by completing missions or by purchasing them with real money.


You will start playing with two pygmies. But as your level goes up, the number of pygmies that you can place on your island increases, until you reach the maximum level, which is six. There are more pygmies to choose from on the Facebook version of the game. This includes five of the original pygmies on the app version. They can be customized by going to the store. Change their gender, outfits and even their names. These pygmies can also change into their alternate pygmy forms.

Original Pygmies

• Klik

• Nooby

• Klak

• Ooga

• Booga

New Male Pygmies

• Chike

• Jengo

• Kato

• Koni

• Magni

• Neo

• Obi

New Female Pygmies

• Asha

• Asteria

• Ayla

• Chichi

• Ebele

• Mia

• Nala

• Nuru

• Nyx

• Shona

Alternate Pygmy Forms

• Glowing Pygmy – let a pygmy eat a glow fish.

• Gold Pygmy – rescue a pygmy from the gold pit.

• Tar-Covered Pygmy – rescue a pygmy from the tar pit.

• Giant Pygmy – let a pygmy eat a magic mushroom.

• Drunken Pygmy – make a pygmy drink root beer or coco drink.


You can place idols on the island, which various features that will help you in the game. The first idol available is the Basic Idol. However, more idols will be unlocked as the game progresses.

Basic Idol

It is available for free and is used to enable pygmy sacrifices with your devotion points.

Idol of Wisdom

This is a sphinx like idol that is made of wood and carries a red gem. This idol increases you experience points, which helps you level up in the game.

Idol of Sacrifice

This is a bronze idol with a pink gem that can be purchased for 25 bones. This will give you more sacrifice points.

Almighty Idol

This idol is grayish-bronze in color with a green gem. It costs 100 bones and increases experience points by 200% and sacrifice coins by 150%.


This is also a sphinx like idol with a blue gem. However, its color is light tan. It makes building of devices quicker.

Green Thumb Idol

This is somewhat similar to the basic idol but darker. It makes plants grow more quickly.

Faith Booster

It is the same as the basic idol but with a gold gem in the center. This increases devotion points.

All-Knowing Idol

This is a sphinx like idol with the head of a pygmy. It costs 1000 sacrifice coins and increases experience points.

Bloodthirsty Idol

It doubles your sacrifice coins but does not give experience points on sacrifices made.

Rival Gods

There are different types of Rival Gods available in the game, which are unlocked as you level up. If you overuse your power on the pygmies, these gods will present you a challenge. You may be asked to sacrifice specific number of pygmies as instructed. There is also a time limit to complete these challenges. Successfully completing a challenge will earn you an idol. Some of these rival gods include The Volcano God, The Galley Master, Sharky White Teeth, Mother Nature and Fat Cupid.